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William Van Gastel

Will has been in Optics since the late 70's and remembers the factories of Desoronto and Imperial Optical, and how the 80's went too far and the 90's not far enough. Will believes the 21st century looks promising.

Sam Ennis

Sam watches over Goo Goo in the waking hours as Manager. Along with being a licensed Optician she also has a honours degree in Psychology and a love of creativity. She uses this knowledge, combined with a slight super hero genetic mutation, to help you find the perfect pair of glasses.


With a diverse history of customer service and problem solving, Anya's quirky and kind nature will put you at ease and ensure your experience is out of this world.


A true Renaissance woman, Liz has worked in design, fashion and art, and brings all of her creative talents to Goo Goo.
With a friendly attitude Liz combines function and style, whether helping to fix your favorite frame, picking and new one or selecting the perfect lenses.


Rachael's love of fashion and style, and her long history of customer service will make your Goo Goo experience a dream. With a mind for details, she will likely remember your name, frame, favourite colour, and star sign.

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761 Fort Street Victoria, BC V8W 1G9

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